Change Your Day

You can change your day whenever you want, its so easy and of course each new day offers us the opportunity to start applying mindfulness, but what is mindfulness?
Mindfulness means being in the moment and being aware constantly of the things you say and do. When you apply mindfulness you have the power to change things, because you are aware of the words you say and the actions you take and are able to change them to match your needs, it enables you to think straight and make the right decisions when needed. But how does it work? Continue reading

Company Training Programs

Marinella proposes a different approach to company training, if the employer has his employees evolution at heart then he needs to consider mind body and spirit as well.

Commiting to a work and life emotional balance enables the employee to be on track, work well in a team environment and deliver his results smoothly.

Whilst the majority of employees direct their attention on trying “to do” the key to success lies in “being” when you “are” who you want to be then what you “do” works. When these individuals come into action they remain aligned with their goals and this will have a strong impact on your organization.

Marinella says “try it a different way”  stop procrastination and find out what is holding you back, and by changing it, your employee will be able to embrace his full potential, leading to  success for company as well.

The more a person is happy, balanced, capable of sharing his ideas and has a feeling of well being in the work environment he is heading in the right direction to taking the lid of and letting his potential sour.


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Get Passionate!

Let’s go back to when you were a child what did you like to do maybe it was painting, bally dancing football, playing music or many other things.

What was the one thing that you really liked to do most?
Do you do that particular thing today? And above all,
Who did you want to be when you grew up?
Are you doing that very thing today?
Is the job you have chosen or found for yourselves today close to or the same thing you wanted to do when you were small?

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What Are Your Dreams?

What are your dreams your passions?
Are you following them?
When we were children we were filled with dreams and passions that brought us joy and happiness just by thinking about them.
Are you fulfilling your dreams at this point in life?
Are you moving forward or are you stuck?

Marinella helps you take positive steps that can change your life forever, she will provide you with simple and practical techniques to apply to your daily lives that will empower you towards a more balanced way of living, taking advantage of the opportunities in life and letting go of insecurities that are stopping you from moving on in life gaining more confidence and self esteem every step of the way!

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