widget-8Marinella was born and brought up in London in the 60’s , she was an only child of an Italian family, an artistic child at heart, where dancing singing and painting where her main priorities each year the family would travel to back to northern Italy to the beautiful location of lake Orta where she spent the summer at the family house, although Marinella lived in the centre of a busy and bustling London, she fell in love with her Italian surroundings, and the beautiful old house on the lake she adored and after completing her studies she moved to Italy where her family roots were.
Today she lives in Milan and after having acquired 30 years of teaching and training experience with nationwide and multinational companies she successfully runs her own company. Marinella’s desire is to help people with their personal growth, to walk their path and be able to look at life through different eyes, her courses aim to transform the usual day to day routine into a life of excitement and passion, moving forward fearlessly and becoming the expression of ones soul.