What is happiness? For everyone it’s something different but for everyone it’s that feeling inside that makes you buzz and want to reach for the stars! What is it?  a new love, a new car, job, new clothes, a musical instrument, the list is endless. Most of the time people base their happiness on something external, this means that whatever is external has the power to make you happy but also the power to make you unhappy because you depend on it.

If you relay on something external for your happiness you could be in for disappointment, you will soon tire of the new car, or the new pair of shoes that you just had to have together with the matching handbag or briefcase, and will yet again start searching for something else.

Many people try to fill a void they feel inside, they try to fill it up with the wrong things so they can start feeling happy again  and so it goes on,  the constant search for happiness.But the happiness that you seek is inside yourself, you can create happiness inside, looking  for happiness outside is not the answer.

Let’s start with your thoughts, what kind of thoughts have you been having? Are they happy thoughts? happy thoughts are the first steps to happiness, for example how do you perceive your life? Are you happy in your job? With your partner? With your house? most people complain  a lot of the time even when they are leading happy abundant lives.

Think for a moment, how do you talk to yourself? Often we sabotage ourselves by our inner conversations, remember that negative words generate anxiety and fear. With daily practice you can change that, you must remember to be aware of what you are saying while you are speaking so that you can stop yourself and choose more appropriate and inspiring words along the way. By applying mindfulness on a daily basis your thoughts will start to improve and things around you will automatically start to change. Even by changing the smallest things a shift happens and day after day you will be able to  see  the difference .

Ask yourself this question, “do I want what I am thinking about?” if the answer is no then  STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

Complaining and moaning about lack is not the path to happiness, have you ever thought about how rich you truly are?  stop for a moment and count your riches, yes you know what I mean, this is not about bank accounts, make a list of all the things that make you happy! Think carefully, write things that have a profound meaning for you even the smallest things count .

Stop and count your riches!

But as we have said before happiness is not made up of external things and seeing that most people possess more than enough now we have to practice feeling good about ourselves and our life with what we have. Lets walk the path to happiness by putting into practice some of the following tips:

Change your thoughts

Change the way you look at things

Change the way you speak to yourself

Change the way you do things

Change your negative beliefs

And above all remember to be happy, even acting happy when you are not will trigger positive thoughts, Try it!