When we put too much trust or expectations in a person, the risk of dissapointment is great, people don’t exist in this way, to satisfy our expectations, the same as we are not here to satisfy theirs.We have to be enough……. enough always and every time we want to be.With some people we have to be aware that we stay together because we like it and want it,  we feel good, never because we need someone.One person doesn’t need the other, they are complete, not to be two halves but to be a whole, who wish to share common objectives, ,joy and life.In time you realize that to be happy with the other person, it is necessary first of all that you do not need this person, comprehend that the person you love (or think you love)  who doesn’t want to share anything with you, surely is not the man or woman of your life.

Learn to love yourself, to take care of yourself  and principally to love who loves you.

“The secret is not to take care of the butterflies, but to take care of the garden so the butterflies come to you. In the end you will not find who you were looking for, but who was looking for you.”
Mario Quintana