Get Passionate!

Let’s go back to when you were a child what did you like to do maybe it was painting, bally dancing football, playing music or many other things.

What was the one thing that you really liked to do most?
Do you do that particular thing today? And above all,
Who did you want to be when you grew up?
Are you doing that very thing today?
Is the job you have chosen or found for yourselves today close to or the same thing you wanted to do when you were small?

When we are young our soul has a very good idea as to who we are and what is best for us, it expresses itself through us bringing out our passions or passion for certain things that are in line with our soul.

For example if you wanted to be a fireman and today you are a nurse, you are pretty much aligned with what you wanted to do because firemen and nurses take care of people, they help, which means you are a person with a strong disposition in helping others.

Think back to when you were young who did you want to be?

Take a piece of paper and write down any clues regarding your job to day that can relate to what you wanted to do.

What are your passions?

Many of us have locked up our passions in a draw, thinking that now there is no time for them or it is too late.

It is never too late!!!

Think of one of your passions, are you bringing them into your life today?

If the answer is no, why not?

What is stopping you?

What can you do to at least bring a little of that passion into your life today?

You don’t have to be professional about it or become famous!

Just start bringing a little of your passion into your life every day.

Lets imagine you wanted to become a singer, lets look at how you can develop this today:

Sing every day at home, in the shower in your car, learn new songs record them and then let your family and friends listen to them!

Take singing lessons as a hobby, you will get better and better and you will feel great satisfaction!

Find friends who play musical instruments, meet one evening a week to get together to sing and play!

Start a one man band, all you need is your computer, a microphone and an amplifier, offer free shows to old peoples homes and for charity based functions!
Join a choir!

The question most people ask is, where do I find the time?

Your passion is important to you so you make the time!

Trust, you will feel more and more fulfilled, happier and creative as you go along.

You will send out positive vibes that can change your life!

Take a piece of paper and write down what your passions are.

Secondly write down why you aren’t following your passions.

What are your excuses, are they real?

Write down what you can do to change the situation.

Do something today to embrace your passion!!

Make the time!

Singing in the shower does not require extra time!

Painting instead of watching tv does not require extra time!.

Writing a book, just one page a day, during your lunch
break, on the bus or tube, or in bed before you go to sleep, does not require extra time!

Playing a musical instrument instead of watching tv does not require extra time!

Listen to your heart what is it trying to tell you?

Your soul communicates through you when it inspires you to sing, dance, play music, paint or anything you are passionate about.

Listen to your heart!