What a beautiful month, so many things to do and so many wonderful things to think about. When I was a child I used to be so excited about Christmas I couldn’t wait to make the Christmas tree with my parents , I would never miss the appointment on the high street when the Christmas lights would be turned on and last but not least , I would wait in the long queue at the toy shop to sit on Father Christmas’s lap and whisper in his ear, my best toy for Christmas!
My suggestion for the month of December is to look at the world through the eyes of a child, look at all the beautiful things that surround you in this festive season through the eyes of a child. Just how fascinating is our world at this time of year, stop and take a look!
Christmas isn’t just about running around buying presents, in this beautiful month of peace and love let us look within at our own love and that which we have for others , look through the eyes of love and feel through the heart of love! We are love!
The New Year is close and its time to think about our new years resolutions! Mine is, “I’m going to be me at my best” this means in everything I do, act and say, try it, this will give you great satisfaction because whatever happens you know that you have really tried and did your best .
Make the 1st of January 2016 a special date! Yes create a “New You” be who you want to be! Check out my new work shop “Create a New You” available from January to help you along the way.
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

October – November
Autumn has finally arrived, this is a month where we can absorb its beautiful colours, a month to spend out in nature as much as you can before you huddle up inside for the cold months! Take every opportunity to go for walks in the vibrant colours of autumn, I love walking through the fallen leaves, it reminds me of when I was a child, It was half term at school and I could go for long walks and explore the countryside with its amazing autumn scenery. What bliss! the yellows, oranges, reds, greens and browns “God bless you” mother nature and if you find some chestnuts on your way even better!
I love sitting with friends roasting chestnuts in front of the fireplace, the fire blazing and warming my cheeks, making me feel warm inside, I like watching the dancing flames and the smell of the chestnuts as they roast, I lie back in my chair with a feeling of wholeness and satisfaction as I savour my roasted chestnuts I say “thank you” mother earth for producing yet another of earths treasures.
Be happy find the time to be happy, with something as simple as sitting with friends in front of a fireplace, in a café by the countryside or a lake after a lovely walk in nature it can be so fulfilling instead of moping around the house and being bored and miserable.
The trees are slowly transforming and shedding their leaves that drop daintily to the ground, we can do the same for example with thoughts we don’t want, let them fall away to be replaced with new more productive thoughts, this is a new season a season for transformation, what can you transform about yourself to start feeling better, happier, more energetic or more at peace with yourself? Think about it and start trying it out, there are a few more months to the end of the year, practice makes perfect get ready now for that “new you” to start the new year!


Welcome back everyone! thIs is a great month and its one of my favourites! Although we all know that January is the beginning of the new year September appears to have a similar effect! If you look around you many people are coming back from their holidays ready to start something new.
Gyms, dance schools, art schools and many other activity places are eagerly publicizing numerous courses and things for people to do. Here you have yet another chance to create a “new you” and you are even more rearing to go because you have just come back form holiday and you have more energy! which will make you more successful at starting things up!
We have come a long way since January our good intentions and our to do lists! now we can get back on track and do the things we haven’t yet managed to do. Sit down and work out the areas of your life that need attention . Start a whole new routine a whole “new you” goes back to the office , with your friends , your family, do things differently, be different act different make yourself better and you will stand out! You will become a role model for other people, who will admire you and want to be like you, you will become more popular and that will be a great boost to your self esteem!
Start from the moment you wake up, its all down to remembering , that’s what helps you stay in the now and apply mindfulness, feel great when you wake up in the morning, this is a new start, you can change things remember even though at the beginning it may seem difficult, but at least try, trying will get you to the next step and the one after that, remember to record your achievements in your journal , its important to write them down and read them regularly, you will feel satisfied by what you have achieved and it will stimulate you to carry on!
September is a beautiful month, the weather is cooler and the sun appears brighter, its as if it helps us to see with clarity, this is a great time to take gratitude walks, its neither too hot or too cold to stroll around and take a gratitude walk, what bliss! When you get the time take a gratitude walk! go to your local park or a green nature area close to home. Free your mind , breath and relax and as you stroll think of all the things you a grateful for in your life, keep doing this as you walk and slowly you will feel your heart lifting and you will start to feel good, walk and be grateful! The beautiful nature will energize you and who knows maybe you will go back home with some great ideas!!!!

July – August

Finally holiday time is here! We have been waiting excitedly to leave everything behind and just “be” what a wonderful feeling!!
Holidays aren’t just about visiting places, or lying dormant on the beach, its much deeper than that if your conscious about it. Well what do you mean? You may ask . Well lets look at what some people do on holiday. As I lay on my sun bed besides the pool I can see more then one person pacing up and down talking to their offices about work, others writing frantically on their laptops or reviewing documents! That’s not taking a holiday!
Before I leave I make sure that everything has been taken care of and that someone will make sure that all the right things are done in my absence, I ask my staff to contact me only if there is an emergency.
Holidays are time to unwind, its your special time the one that you only get once or maybe twice a year, what are you going to do with it? Its your time to unwind , to regenerate, your mind and your body will thank you for this by making you feel better. The more you dedicate to taking very good care of yourself, relaxing, sleeping getting exercise, filling your mind with positive thoughts, the more you will come back regenerated with renewed energy ready to embrace all the wonderful things you want to do when you get back.
What better time than when you are calm and still with no worries to start planning your future for when you get back, think of the things you would like to do, dream and “dream big” don’t make do with small dreams , reach for the stars you deserve the best!
Remember that by taking baby steps towards your objectives you will finally get there! Your on holiday, think of new ways you can do things, of new things to do, breath relax, let go of your worries, free your mind of any toxic thoughts, you don’t need them, they are bad company especially on holiday!
If you apply mindfulness during your holiday you will become more and more aware of what you don’t want and instead of what you do want! you will come back refreshed and stimulated for a brand new start and with some great new ideas!

May – June

These are my favorite months, finally the weather appears stable and I can sit in my garden surrounded by nature. I find that these are the months of colour as the new leaves and flowers blossom radiating their beauty and as I sit in my garden I take in my surroundings, the grass seems such an intense shade of green and the leafy green trees stand majestically.
As I breath in deeply I observe the blades of grass as they sway from side to side governed by May’s soft breeze, yet still, afterwards they continue to remain upright unperturbed by the turbulence. As I sit there I think to myself that’s exactly the way we should be, as life knocks us around and we learn our lessons. In our hearts we should know and feel that everything will turn out alright aligning ourselves with our positive thoughts and drawing positive situations into our lives, we will remain just like the blades of grass centered and upright ready for new challenges.
A beautiful butterfly sweeps by and lands close to me, I’m in awe observing its orange and black coloured wings that look so fragile and delicate gleaming in the sun. Butterflies are associated with transformation and every time I see one my heart fills with joy and I take it as a message that I have to transform something about myself.
Transformation is a very important aspect of our daily lives because there is always something we would like to change, maybe we have fallen back into bad habits or are just being lazy and not feeling good about ourselves, so as we observe this we can transform ourselves and start to feel better. Lets think about us, what aspect would we like to change, do we have to be kinder, more patient, more compassionate or many other things. When you have some time to yourselves sit in nature, let go of all your tensions, breath and take inventory about yourselves, you have the power to change things, focus your attention on how you can transform the way you go about your day through positive actions and of course don’t forget to apply mindfulness that’s your map to success!


Make the Easter break pleasurable even from home much in the same way. We are in for an early Easter this year and the month is already buzzing with excitement for the Easter preparations. The chance of taking a break for a few days is exceptional! Even if its only a long weekend, make the most of it! it can really make a difference especially if you plan it in a positive constructive way and making sure you get lots of “me time”
Short breaks give you oxygen, don’t travel to a jam packed location full of noise and people, instead choose somewhere quiet, make this a special break where you are more aware of yourself, the people and your surroundings, make sure you are the leading role being able to choose your thoughts and words wisely and as always applying mindfulness constantly.
I’m taking a four day break on the lake, I hunt in my wardrobe for suitable clothing, its still chilly so I make sure I pack some warm clothing, a raincoat and suitable shoes. When you travel don’t wait untill the last minute to pack your belongings, your likely to forget something you might want or need thus making you uncomfortable or miserable for having left some of your “must haves at home”. If your leaving on a Friday the best bet is to prepare on the Wednesday so you are not stressed out the night before and you can start looking forward to your journey.

Make this a special break, relax, let the universe take care of you, release all your worries and tensions and feel yourself becoming lighter, try it! When we are calm and centered we appreciate everything more, whenever you are take in your surroundings, see the details of your whereabouts, slow down and listen, you will be amazed by the number of positive that ideas pop into your head the minute you let go.
Have a wonderful break, and if you don’t get a chance to get away, remembering to focus on mindfulness and staying in the now, let the universe take care of you during this Easter break go with the flow and see what happens, you may have a pleasant surprise! And if you can find them “hot cross buns” are delicious. Happy Easter everyone!


Wow do I love this month, this is wake up time, out of the closet and in the fresh air, all of nature is slowly waking up, slowly stretching and yawning and starting to come alive. You know that spring is on its way when you hear the little birds singing, what joy to the heart is their song, most people can hear the birds but do they actually listen to them?
They sing harmoniously, if you still yourself and listen carefully you will be immersed in love and joy because the birds sing the most beautiful melodies and they sing them to your soul.
At this time of the year I usually wake up earlier, woken by the cheerful chirping of the birds, what an orchestra, nature at its best! How wonderful it is in the morning lying on the bed in the silence of dawn to be woken up by the beautiful songs of the birds who slowly caress the soul into awakening!
This is the auditory part of nature nurturing us, together with the visual part of the awakening and blossoming of the magnificent trees bestowing their beautiful gifts on us with their coloured blossoms for us too see. For example, the beautiful magnolia trees that start to bloom, coming alive again and waking up from their drowsy winter sleep, and yes waking up our souls too, saying come on get going you have so many beautiful and inspiring things to do.
Next time you walk past a tree in bloom, don’t just walk past thinking oh what a beautiful tree, stop and look at it, look at the colours , the blossoms, the leaves the branches, observe all the fine details, feel that its alive, feel it in your heart too, let it fill your heart with love, you will start to feel more alive too.
Thank you mother nature for the nurturing and love you are giving us, would we not want to give you back the same? Of course we do, even if sometimes we feel helpless and don’t know what to do to help our plant earth, think, just by taking care of nature with any contribution can start to make a difference, whether it’s recycling, or using eco based products or working on a nature based project in your home town, do something for mother earth to say thank you, if we all do something together our planet will once again be restored to its absolute beauty, glowing and radiant.


In february everything seems a little less bleak, it’s a short month and the anticipation that spring is just around the corner makes my heart flutter.
In January I wrote down all the things I wanted to do and be for this brand new year and they all now have to be put into practice!
You can’t change things just by writing them down, it takes daily practice and a lot of hard work just like going to the gym, if you want to be lean and fit and have a great body, you have to really work at it by attending gym regularly, eating healthy foods and having enough rest.
If you don’t do all of these things it will be hard to obtain the body you are dreaming about, the same goes for the things you want to change and do in your life.
Well I say, I’ve written them down, now I have to make them work and daily practice is the answer!
I take out my journal and for all the things I want to do, be and change I start elaborating a course of action to keep me on track, to be put into practice daily, you can train your body but you can also train your mind back into positivity.
So I sit again on my comfortable couch, this time with the cat meowing and trying to sit on my journal to get my attention, I pick her up on my lap and she sits purring away putting me in a beautiful state of calm and bliss , just what I need to start elaborating all my “must do’s”
A great way is to keep a journal, and one of the things on the top of my list is “positive affirmations” keeping a journal and writing down inspiring positive thoughts during the day keeps me on track, try it you can write about your feelings and how to make things work or just simply pour your heart out if that’s what you want to do and then on a fresh page write down how you can start a fresh and which positive actions to take.
For example write some positive inspiring thoughts and actions to take, look at them daily, this can be very uplifting, add new thoughts each day this will keep you on track and your positive affirmations will flow through your daily life creating a brand new reality for yourself.
You need to work on your “must does” each day to get them to work and to start creating a new harmonious reality.
Remember to write in your journal in the evening before going to bed, write all the things you have managed to do and what achievements you have made, it will boost your confidence and give you a spring in your step as you go about the next day.
Get ready for spring!


What bliss! the beginning of a New Year! Its great when you can start from the beginning, it means you can make everything new, yes I mean everything!
Take an inventory of the past year, think about the things you would like to change, you can change them if you want! It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, start slowly. Look at the things that you can change straight away and those that you can’t, try to look at them differently this will help you observe them more clearly giving you a head start for future change.
January for me is a month of hibernation, being a Capricorn I enjoy my alone time out of the cold snuggled up at home with a nice cup of tea and muffins.
Now when I say I go into hibernation, it doesn’t mean I also go into procrastination where everything stops and the mind just wanders around in limbo, I mean taking time away by myself in my living room, you can do this too, maybe with some perfumed candles or incense, and guess what? of course a pen and notepad! You can also put on some soft music in the background for inspiration.
I always find at this point that I get really excited as my creativity takes over, this is a great exercise, write:
What do I want my new year to be like?
Be realistic of course, taking into consideration some true achievements for this year. As I write my story new ideas pop into my head, I jot them down and ponder on what I can do and what I cant do, but I don’t take the can’t does too seriously because I try to figure out if I can change at least a little something for each of my can’t do’s, that is a sure way to slowly changing my cant’s into can’s.

Wow did I get ambitious! I say looking at my seven page essay, you can make it as long as you like, just write freely your inspiration will guide you.
I stop for a break and look out of the window, everything is bleak and still, I think about all the little creatures huddled up in their hibernation deep into the ground, sleeping away and dreaming about spring. As I sip my tea and eat my muffins I realize that this beautiful cold month offers us the gift of stillness, just be still and “be” yes read that again! So after finishing my tea that is exactly what I do.
I sit on my couch in stillness, I let go of my chattering mind and just let it observe the external sounds as I sit in silence, I look inside myself at who I am, what I have done up till now and what I would like to do, the lessons that I have learnt over the past year and how not to make the same mistakes again. I take inventory of all the good things I am and can be, what talents do I posses? have I been using them? I ponder on this as I think of what I know I’m capable of and I must admit that some things I’m known to be talented for have been sitting there behind in the shadows, but this year I decide they need to come out.
I continue to sit in my stillness to a point when I jump up and seize my note pad and pen and start scribbling incessantly a whole new set of ideas.
Thank you beautiful month of January, for helping us to slow down and let ourselves be cradled in the purity of your healing coldness, to embrace ourselves in your stillness and find our who we truly are, perhaps we have forgotten, and wow what a beautiful surprise when we remember once again that we are pure love!