Change Your Day

You can change your day whenever you want, its so easy and of course each new day offers us the opportunity to start applying mindfulness, but what is mindfulness?
Mindfulness means being in the moment and being aware constantly of the things you say and do. When you apply mindfulness you have the power to change things, because you are aware of the words you say and the actions you take and are able to change them to match your needs, it enables you to think straight and make the right decisions when needed. But how does it work?
I’m walking through a green valley, the sun is high in the sky, it’s warm rays embrace me and the softness of the cool air caresses my face. I look around me in awe and I see a truly magnificent sight! I am surrounded by the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, tulips, roses, carnations, lilies there seems to be every type of flower on the planet.
I gaze at the mosaic of many different colours as it extends from one side of the valley to the other, the softness of the pinks and yellows met by the passionate strength of the reds and oranges and many more.
I smile and as I walk I feel the soft lush green grass beneath my bare feet, I breath in deeply and am immediately inebriated by a wonderful mixture of fragrances coming from the flowers, nature is nutering my soul and I am in my element.
I hear a distant sound, a ringing, I recognize it as something I have heard before and as it gets louder I realize it’s coming from my alarm clock!
I always set my alarm clock at least ten minutes earlier so I can start my day with the right rhythm. Every morning I start my day by being grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life.
Today I start my day by being grateful for my beautiful puppy dog snuggled up beside me under the duvet, I feel her breathing and the tiny snoring noises she emits fill me with love, which brings me to being grateful for my three wonderful sons “God bless them” and my 91 year old mother whose huge heart washes me over with love each time I see her. I am grateful for all the beautiful things I will receive today.
The alarm goes off again and it’s time to get up, I am content because I have already had 10 minutes of “me time”.
Like every working mum there are always tons of things to do and I get the temptation to run around the house in a frenzy because there isn’t enough time to do everything, then I stop in my tracks, breath and slow down my pace, I can still get everything done but with less sense of urgency coming from inside, that’s what I have to be mindful about.
As my kids have their breakfast I rummage around the house tidying up here and there, I wait to have my breakfast until the kids have left for school because I want another ten minutes of “me time”.
Being mindful while having breakfast is exceptional, I stay in the moment, I think of nothing else but feeling and savouring my food, the smell of hot toast, freshly squeezed orange juice and my pot of tea gives me my start to the day!
At this point I give myself another ten minutes of ”me time” in the shower by once again being mindful and staying in the present moment. As the water pours over me I imagine it cleansing every part of me and washing away any negative feelings, worries or resentment I may have, a new clean me inside and out steps out from the shower ready to start the day.
Time to take the dogs for a walk, I live on a canal and close by I have a pedestrian and bicycle path that allows me to walk safely away from traffic. The path is surrounded by lots of greenery, lawns trees, bushes and of course the water in the canal, I often see ducklings swimming by and my heart goes out to them!
As I walk I take in my surroundings, I notice how beautiful and green the leaves are on the trees, the blades of grass swaying softly in the wind, the funny shaped clouds in the blue sky and each step of the way I feel more energized, the more I connect to nature the better I feel all the time staying in the moment and applying mindfulness again. Even if I didn’t have to take the dogs out for a walk I would still take a brisk walk anyway even if it’s just around the block.
Most people would say to me how do you find the time? mornings for me are such a hassle! well my advice would be, just get up earlier, even half an hour would be enough to give yourself some great “me time”.
Thank goodness that last weekend I spent all of my time cleaning out my wardrobe how much stuff do we humans thrive on? Is it really necessary to keep everything? Well as the saying goes, if you haven’t used it for a year then throw it out or give it to someone who needs it.
You just can’t imagine how light you feel when you throw stuff out, travelling light in life is much easier than having a house packed with old junk we no longer need, this weighs us down and slows us down, and at times even blocks us. Make room for the new to enter into your life!”
What can be better then opening your wardrobe and finding things you really like that you can take out and wear immediately without having to iron them all the time because you have dragged them out of a sardine type wardrobe.
Choosing clothes that you like and feeling good in them is essential, it gives you confidence and lifts up your spirit to face the day.
Last but not least before leaving the house I take one last look in the mirror and say to your reflection “I love you, your wonderful, have a great day! ”

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